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Malabar Gold Espresso

Malabar Gold™ is a premium European espresso. It is roasted in the "light" Northern Italian fashion and is mellow and low in acid. The crema is deep reddish brown, fantastically rich, plentiful and persistent; lasting more than 20 minutes. It is smooth and rich and syrup like. In fact when I pull it into a shot glass it quivers like jello.
Dr. Joseph John is a nuclear physicist who took his scientific training and applied it to the art and passion of espresso. He developed this blend of Indian Monsooned Malabar, De Luxe Indian Robusta and selected other arabicas so that we could roast and provide you with super fresh truly great coffee. According to Dr. John many Italian roasters try to keep the Indian coffee component(s) of their espresso blends secret. And it is these Indian coffees that contribute to the special qualities of great Italian espresso.
Malabar Gold™ will change the way you think about home espresso brewing. Warning! You may be spoiled for life.

Roast Specification:
Roasted in the same type roaster as Dr. John used to develop this blend. We have faithfully followed his personal instructions. The beans are brought to a point where the oil just barely begins to glisten. and then as the beans cool the sheen disappears only to return several days later.
It is our experience this blend needs several days rest (4) before it is ready to be used. I feel like that myself some days.
Malabar Gold is a trademark of the Josuma Coffee Co.

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