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Kenya AA

Kenya AA

The coffee from Kenya is most frequently characterized as having a winy taste profile. What does this mean? It refers to the fruit acid taste structure of the typical Kenya AA coffee. Now most people, when they hear the word acid, take it as a negative. In this context it is not. But perhaps the words dry, and crisp would be more compelling. So we will use them. And let's not forget fruit, like a first growth Bordeaux or a great Cabernet from Napa Valley. So at the end of the day, Kenya coffee is best known for its berry like and frequently blueberry and black current taste.

The coffee business in Kenya is very sophisticated with most the beans sold through an elaborate auction method that is supposed to benefit the growers of the best quality Kenya coffees. i.e. the better it is the more it will fetch. Can't argue with that although many feel the benefits to the farmers could improve.

So if one is at all serious about learning and tasting the world's great coffees time should be spent with Kenyan coffee in your cup.

Roaster's note: Medium dark roast with no oil development. The fruit structure is intact and the berry tastes are definitely there.
Also recommended are our other African coffees which are similarly roasted.
If you desire a really dark African roast; one of our all time best sellers is our trademark blend African Smoke.

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