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Colombian Coffee
For many Colombian coffee is the gold standard of fine gourmet coffees. Grown at high altitudes in rich volcanic soil, Colombian coffee is known for its great depth of flavor and smooth balance.
Colombia has a large and thriving coffee industry. It is the second largest Arabica producer. Production is held to a very high quality standard. As a result many coffees are sold by special sorting methods. One developed for the European market is called Supremo. Europeans apparently have a fascination for looking at their beans. Americans by-pass that and go straight for taste. Sorted by size for the eye ball market the biggest beans are called Supremo.
But big plump beans do not at all make for the best tasting cup of coffee. For this reason we seek out the melange blends of fine ripe cherries known as Excelso. This is where the taste is. So if taste is how you measure coffee and not appearance, do as I do: Drink Excelso.
Our Colombian beans are characterized by a full medium dark roast flavor profile to bring out the "sweet spot" in fine Arabica. We are proud to offer this outstanding coffee from Colombia with its firm character, delicious aroma and satisfying finish.

Recap: What's the difference between Colombian Supremo and Excelso?
Answer: Supremos are fat. Excelsos are full of flavor.

  • 100% Arabica
  • Medium roast

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