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This is the best Vanilla Nut I have ever tasted! I tried another mail order brand of coffee and it didn''t compare to the Bean Central brand. RD - Nashville'

We got serious about making espresso at home a couple years ago, purchasing a Rancilio Silvia machine and a Rocky grinder. We have tried many coffees since then, and after hearing good things about Malabar Gold I ordered 5 lbs last month. This espresso is by far the best we''ve had. The flavor is exceptional and the crema is amazing. I think we''ve found our coffee. I just ordered another 5 lbs.

Delicious flavor, better than other blueberry flavors I have purchased in the mall. Double the flavor, half the price (if you buy in bulk).

The aroma in the box made my kids think I had purchased a fruitcake. Apricot cream has a very nice fruity flavor that is like having fruitcake without the calories. I will purchase this flavor in bulk in the future.

The only thing that could improve this flavor would be to add a hint of chocolate! This is a very nice cup of coffee that you can enjoy every morning and not tire of it. Add a little chocolate and whip cream and you have a nice dessert beverage.

Not a strong flavored coffee. I was a bit disappointed because I prefer strong, bold flavors. It would be a nice choice for those who like a good coffee with mild flavor.

As the season changes to the crisp chill of autumn, Highlander Grogg is the ideal choice. It is by far the alpha and omega of coffees!

Excellent aroma and flavor. The flavor description is perfect.

This coffee is delightful from beginning to end. The smell of it perking gets the senses going and then when you sip the first cup, you almost feel guilty like you''re going off your diet. Highly recommended for the chocolate/raspberry lovers out there!

this is a delicious coffee!! great smell and taste!! worth the buy!

Best dang pecan coffee I ever tried. It''s a definite purchase from now on!!! If you like pecans as much as I do, you''ll enjoy their Southern Pecan.

I''m sitting at my ''puter with my first cup (made it as soon as I got the package open). Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.\r\nNeed I say more?

I was extremly pleased with the Creme Brulee''. The flavour was excelent! I freshly ground the beans for each brew I make. I put it in my expresso machine to brew it. I warm a half-cup of milk in the microwave & then add hot cocoa, pour the brew in that & top it off with extra creamy cool whip. BAM! BAM! BAM! It''s kicked up to knotches unknown! Try it! You can''t beat it!

Well, I don''t know much about coffee, but I know what I like. I live on the road and have been ordering this blend whereever I am for at least 10 years. Not only good coffee, good shippers, too.

Hey best coffee I ever had bought 10 pounds last time when I run out I will buy 10 more Love it !!!Thanks Donald

We had highlander grogg at a quaint store\r\nin Mason Ohio and loved it, found it here and ordered 50 lbs. We are ordering again. Loved it and the service was great. Highlander grogg is a mild coffee with a mild flavor not sweet or strong. Great coffee.

I have tried Pumpkin Spice coffee many times before from other companies. This is by far the best I have ever had. It really has that spicy flavor. I bought 1 pound last time and today I bought 5 pounds. It is also at a great price. I am so glad that I found this website!!!

We tried the pumpkin spice and pumpkin pecan and it rocked. It got here so fast....I couldn''t believe it. We had been on the hunt for this coffee since Borders discontinued there''s. Thanks! Can''t wait to try some more flavors. Keep up the good work!

A smooth and FLAVORFUL espresso that is almost a fool-proof roast (I can''t make a bad shot).

Surprisingly very good, one of the best coffees I''ve had. Boyfriend loves it too. Highly recommended.

The Apricot coffee is wonderful! My 17 year old daughter loves it as much as I do!

This is one of the best coffees I''ve ever tasted!! I strongly recommend.

I served this flavor to my husband''s fellow police officers and they loved it. They ask for it whenever them come to our house.

We have been buying Coffee from Beancentral for several years now. We have searched for many years to find a good chocolate tasting coffee. After trying sooo many, including Ghirardelli Double Chocolate, Chocolate Hurricane is by far the Best flavored chocolate coffee we have ever tasted. Mike & Peggy Glendale, OR

I am so glad to have found I had tried a Southern Pecan coffee locally in California and when I went back to purchase it, they no longer carried it. I searched on the internet and not only found it, but It was more amazing then the one I had tried and now we have been ordering it for a few years now. It is the best flavored coffee we have ever had. Please never leave us bean central! Joanna Calabasas, Ca

I have been drinking African Smoke and Panama Red ever since moving to Nashville from Chicago. I must admit they are the BEST coffees I have ever had in my life. Every time I come to visit Chicago I must load at least five pounds in my luggage for friends and family. They RAVE over it! I must pat myself on the back. I am the reason JJ''s Market on Broadway carry both of these coffees. Now they cannot keep it on their shelf.Kuddos to Me! Bigger Kuddos'' to Bean Central!

For the longest time Southern Pecan rained supreme, then I got a taste of African Smoke and now it is a tossup as to which one I brew\r\nin the morning. Southern Pecan a 20 0n a scale of 10 African Smoke same rating.

This is the best Coffee I have ever had and by far my favorite. I have had lot''s of different coffee''s too. I love the way the smell permeates into my kitchen and home. And the flavor is just awesome. To me it''s perfect anytime. But it seems to have an extra little kick on a nice crisp chilled morning. Autumn weather and this coffee were meant to be together. I strongly recommend this coffee. You will not regret it and will definitely be back for more.

The best Jamaican Me Crazy coffee out there. I have tried this flavor from other roasters and they just don''t compare! My bad for even trying to top this one!

We have been buying from Beancentral for a number of years now and have never had any bad service. The Southern Pecan is the greatest! Thank you so much!

I tried several of your flavored coffees and loved them all especially the Jamaica Me Crazy. Now I will try your regular Americas Coffee and hope that they are as good. Love your site and your products.

We love Bean Central. The Malboro Gold roasted by Bean Central makes the best espresso in the world. I have never found another roast that could compare, and the roast is always consistent. Keep up the good work.

Bavarian Chocolate 'Highly reccomend!!! My favorite, I order 5lbs every 2 months. The BEST!!!! Terry K.

Completely Addicted to Jamaican Me Crazy!!! Try it you wont be disappointed!

Wonderful flavor and aroma! Beans arrive quickly and stay fresh.

This is an excellent coffee - great mild flavor with a hint of macadamia nut. I would definitely recommend it. My daughter loves it too.

We really enjoy your Choc. Raspberry coffee. It arrives quickly and the beans make a great flavored coffee for a reasonable price. The free shipping for large orders is a great bonus!

In my honest coffee opinion...HG is their best flavored coffee. Our whole house is filled with this heavenly aroma that transports you to a land of buttery streams, clouds of caramel, and breezes with hints of rum. Dont know what all they put in this coffee, but its what beans of coffe dreams are made of! Please dont ever stop roasting this lovely flavor!!!!!!!!!

This is one of my favorite coffee flavors. Mmmm Good!

This coffee will surprise you. Never thought blueberry coffee would taste so good. Never thought I would have people requesting it at family get togethers. Seems to be an all around favorite.

This was a great addition to my other flavors. I buy whole bean and grind for the best flavor right at brew time. The Black Cherry is nice black or with a little cream and sugar however you wish. The aroma of the whole bean is amazing. I highly recommend the Black Cherry roast.

I ordered the pumpkin spice coffee and it is delicious! It is FAR superior to anything available in the grocery store. So SO yummy!'),
(60, 1, 'I''ve ordered flavored coffee on line for many years and from many resources, BeanCentral is, without a doubt our favorite company. Their coffee is delicious & shipping is very fast! With this order we are ordering 28 pounds! When we receive it we just divide it up into smaller Food Saver bags and put them in the freezer. Even a couple months later it tastes & smells just as fresh as the day it arrived. Thanks to Joe & his team :). You guys are awesome!
Cynthia & Joe Indiana, PA

This is by far the BEST coffee I have ever tasted! It is delicious and I look forward to it every morning. I am definitely recommending this to friends!

The pumpkin spice coffee is delicious! In fact it''s one of my favorites! The fall is the best time for this... though I''ll admit I''ll drink it at other times too! It is made even more wonderful by a touch of cream... and I will even occasionally add just a touch of sugar (though not too much, as I don''t care for sugar in my coffees), as it just brings out the sweetness of the spices. Grab a good book, curl up in your favorite chair (preferably next to the fire) and grab a yummy cup of Pumpkin Spice! A perfect ending to a cold day. Enjoy! Lori

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